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    Experiment Predictions 2015 Laura242

    Obviously can't be completely sure about predictions but was advised strongly to learn these:

    Question 1: Titrations:

    1) Determination of the concentration of ethanoic acid in vinegar.

    2) Estimation of Iron in an Iron tablet.

    3) Iodine- thiosulphate titration.

    4) Estimation of the total hardness of a water sample.

    Question 2: Organic Chemistry

    1) Oxidation of phenylmethanol (new experiment to replace preparation of ethanal and ethanoic acid from ethanol)

    Note: Recrystallisation of benzoic acid (impure) and percentage yeild of benzoic acid

    2) Preparation and properties of ethyne

    Question 3:

    1) Determination of free chlorine in swimming pool water or bleach (coloremetry)

    2) Determination in water of total suspended solids, total dissolved solids and pH

    3) Measuring the rate of production of hydrogen peroxide

    These are just some areas that are possible to be asked but obviously have a good knowledge of every experiment as they can crop up in other questions throughout the exam :)

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      is there anywhere we can get notes on the recrystallisation of benzonic acid ??? please and thank you

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      There's video on YouTube done by the guy who wrote the books on recrystallisation of b acid

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