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niki1819 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 23/05/17 17

Any helpful tips on calculations in chemistry?

Bengee — 17/06/16
I usually use a calculator for mine. I know one guy that does them on the rough work.
Rachel_8010 — 17/06/16
Has your teacher ever done the mole map? If they have just follow it. It has nearly all the calculations. Besides experiment calculations and heats of reaction
MAYYAMIMI — 17/06/16
Any specific area you're weak at?
niki1819 — 17/06/16
We never got a mole map or anything like. Every calculation really except titrations.
Bengee — 18/06/16
just learn the basics like: no. of moles = mass/RMM and the gas laws and for actually doing questions id suggest just read it properly see information youre given and what are they asking..then just try break it down step by step..youll see that they all pretty much follow the same path
Mehak nasim — 18/06/16
i have pic of the mole map i can send on
niki1819 — 18/06/16
Please do thank you so much.
Mehak nasim — 18/06/16
whats ur email?
niki1819 — 18/06/16
Emmanuella_8654 — 18/06/16
Could you please send me the map as well. My email is emmanuellaoko@gmail.com
Shonagh — 18/06/16
Hi can you please send the the map also, my snapchat is shonagh.burke
Shonagh — 18/06/16
hi can you send me that map also my email is shonaghburke18@gmail.com or my snapchat is Shonagh.burke
Ultimuted — 18/06/16
Can you send me the mole map please? ultimuted@gmail.com Thank you!
Claire27 — 18/06/16
Would you mind sending it to me too? cc2010.1246@donegaletb.net
niamhcally — 18/06/16
Me too please noc123@live.ie
lilbazeire — 18/06/16
could you send it on too please? cheers email is gabby2010@live.ie
jokejike — 23/05/17
same jokejike@gmail.com
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