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Higher level experiment predictions??
Aimeeohara Leaving Cert Chemistry — 18/06/16 4

Does anyone have any predictions for the titration, organic chemistry & question 3 experiments in section A this year? :)

aine.duffy.9 — 16/06/16
i think iron might come up, and ethene and ethyne together, both haven't come up in ages
michael.ryan.712714 — 16/06/16
iron tablets, vinegar, kmno4, hard water, bleach, clove oil, chromatography, test for anions
CeliaReynolds — 17/06/16
bleach and hcl vs na2co3 are the only two titrations that havent been repeated since 2002 so theyre pretty likely
LauraB1234 — 18/06/16
If you look at the exam papers. The Q1's repeat every 7/8 years, whether they'll continue with that this year or not it's worth learning the experiment from 2008 which was ethanoic acid
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