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    How to study chemistry?? eimeartoby

    How do I study

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      burn the book and then drop out of the class <---- the order doesnt really matter

      if that fails exam questions are the best way try your best to get your hands on pre papers

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      I find Chemistry handy enough, Learn all the definitions they are like over 50% of the course, other than that know Organic chemistry, Volumetric Analysis experiments (There is 6), Organic chemistry experiments. That's about 4 whole questions that stuff alone. I'd say give the water chapter a look over with all this craic about water charges as well.

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      There's a little orange book, a revision one. I can't remember by what company it's by. It's rectangular. It's fantastic. Everything you need to know down in one little book.

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      idk if it works but i think this is the little orange book.

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      In chemistry, for question '2013 paper > Section B > Question 4 >Part c' could someone explain to me why you multiply by 6*10^23? Thanks.

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      It's Avogadro's number, it's the number of atoms/molecules of a substance in one mole.

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      ok thanks man

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      Is this the chemistry book?

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      Any predictions ?? I'm thinking water (cause of all the protests), One of the new experiments, Oil refining heard was answered terribly last year on the OL paper and maybe the Iron titration exp.

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