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    How to study for Chemistry HL,,, Gonsalves

    Plz help...I'm finding Chemistry HL difficult but I don't want to drop down to OL.

    Any tips on how to study for Chemistry HL...???

    Anything would to helpful...Thanks in advance...!!!

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      Try to do more question on the exam paper

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      The sheer volume of information that you are expected to know and understand in chemistry can be daunting but the questions tend to be quite repetitive. Keep going through exam papers and marking schemes and you will become to become familiar with what is expected of your answers

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      Try focusing on your guaranteed questions. E.g Q5 will always be the periodic table and the arrangement of electrons chapters. Then if you know you're mandatory experiments off by heart you could do the 3 questions, the guaranteed questions and then it's just the case of picking the remaining questions you prefer on the day!

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      For me I would try and do a question a night and two on the weekends because the questions every year are the same so once you mastered them you will be fine. Highlight any question that you cant to note them looking up the answer learn them and then before the exam look at them questions see can you do them. Hope this helps

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