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    I need help with chemistry! Louisee_98

    Currently in 6th year, failed my summer exam and I need an H1 for my course that I want! Any tips, especially with the calculations?! Greatly appreciated.

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      the thing is with chem you really have to understand it before you can learn it! if you have someone who is good at explaining it you should be fine, know your definitions back to front and with the calculations do the basic ones that are in your textbook and then progress to doing exam calculations

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      patrick 88

      is there anything in particular you don't understand

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      Michelle is right Louise, in order to improve your grasp on chemistry it's necessary to have a clear understanding of each concept.

      If I were you I'd focus on key parts such as chemical bonding, the mole and stoichmetry . These chapters are fundamental to chemistry and will really help you progress. I'm currently in 6th year also and would be willing to help you out with anything you find tricky.

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      Thank you everyone this is really great advice. I just can't get my head around the calculation parts that we've done so far for example, in the chapter of the mole.

      Currently doing organic chemistry and I understand this very well.

      Thanks Seamus I might just take you up on that!

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