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Instantaneous rate!! Helpppp
NiamhDunnex Leaving Cert Chemistry — 16/10/16 3

Could some one please explain to me how to find the instantaneous rate??

seamus.breathnach.9 — 15/10/16
I assume you're talking about the instantaneous rate of reaction in chemistry. - draw the tangent (touches it at one point only) to the curve at the point which you have been asked to find it at -find the slope (rise over run) of this tangent
NiamhDunnex — 16/10/16
Thank you!! Do you know how to find the conjugate acid and conjugate Base of a compound?
seamus.breathnach.9 — 16/10/16
-firstly identify the acid and the base on the left side of the reaction -the acid and its CONJUGATE BASE will differ by one proton (conjugate base will have 1 less proton) -the base and its CONJUGATE ACID will also differ by one proton (conjugate acid will have 1 more proton)
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