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    Is it difficult? Chęciński

    Hi I am currently in 3 year and i was just wandering is leaving cert chemistry a hard subject. I have to make a decision before May.Thanks.

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      It is no doubt very difficult and frustrating. It requires more understanding rather than learning off and typically wont click with students until Christmas of 6th year. It is very interesting but challenging. If you have an existing interest in chemistry then it is well worth it.

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      My teacher said if i want to do chemistry i will do it for three years (4-6). Is that ok?

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      *(4-6 year)*

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      It's actually not that hard, I don't know why people say that. Simple to understand- just requires thorough revision. Just like people think physics is hard -it's not! If you listen in class, you have no reason to be frustrated lol

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      thank you so much!!

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      you will need a good teacher and a good work ethic

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      far harder than the average subject, expect to study really fucking hard if you want a good grade, and even tghen its not guaranteed.

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