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    Most important Chemistry definitions BabyTuesday

    Does anyone have a list of the most important Chemistry definitions that come up most years? (Irish or English)

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      I found this website good as it has all the definitions divided into the chapters!

      Hope it helps :)

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      At this stage just stick to the definitions that came up on previous exam papers they repeat the same ones over and over. Look at the marking scheme and learn them off exactly how they are allocated marks

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      The person who writes the paper named the house heisenburg thats why heisenburgs uncertainty principle keeps coming up

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      Le Chatelier, hard water temperary and permanent, heat of reaction/combustion/formation, rate of reaction, avagadro's law, acid/base according to B/L or Arhenius, standard soln, primary soln, to standardise, ionic addition, free radical substitution, condensation reaction, elimination reaction, heterogenous/homogenous catalysis, activation energy, pH, BOD,and all the principles.

      i know it's loads but you gotta know at least these if you wanna do well...

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