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Ordinary Predictions
Jamie004 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 17/06/16 5

Has anyone got predictions for ordinary level? Really needed!

Jamie004 — 16/06/16
AdviceGiver — 16/06/16
Prediction: D3
Jamie004 — 16/06/16
Cheers! Great advice there m8
kateof98 — 17/06/16
Part (c) of Q11 is the option question, which alternates every year so it'll be Option A for this year. For Q6 it's always been fuels and thermochemistry, with the questions asked each year being quite similar. Acids & bases and pH have come up every year since 2011 for Q7, so they will probably be up again, and could be grouped with the water chapter too. The water chapter also generally comes up as part of a q or as a full q, so it's worth knowing it. Hope this helps.
Jamie004 — 17/06/16
Kate thanks so much!
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