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!!predictions for chem
2803 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 16/06/16 10

What do people think is going to come up for chemistry???

slynch97 — 06/06/16
1 edta, iron, or % hypochlorite in bleach 2 recrystallisation again, ethyne ethene or steam distillation of clove oil (need to know structure of eugonol) 3 rates or anion analysis 5 radioactivity 6 fuels and thermo 7,8,9, lots of organic, full equilibrium question
Rachel_8010 — 06/06/16
Titration experiments. Organic Chemistry experiments. Rest of the experiments. Rates of Reaction. Organic Chemistry. Fuels and Heats of Reaction. Trends in the periodic table.
2803 — 06/06/16
Thankyou so mucn slynch97 and Rachel_8010
2803 — 06/06/16
Much* :)
Ciärän_7590 — 06/06/16
Is that ordinary or higher?
2803 — 07/06/16
shaun.wallace.3994 — 07/06/16
Add me to on facebook and ill give you my predictions :) shaun.wallace.3994 is the name :)
Soniclouise — 09/06/16
hoping for redox eqns and stochio
ciara252 — 10/06/16
think the oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzoic acid wil come up again in HL
psisquirrel8 — 16/06/16
Benzoic came up last year though? would anion test come up as a whole Q? it did as Q3 on our mock
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