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Predictions For HL
Fionn_1742 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 19/06/16 7

Anyone have any predictions for the experiments?? There is so many i dont know which to study

Harry123 — 18/06/16
EDTA or iron tablets for q1 ethyne/ethene or clove oil for q2 q3 is more open but i would say possibly any of the water experiments relative molecular mass of a volatile liquid or some rates of reaction or flame tests/anions
Big Boss — 18/06/16
Big Boss approves
Fionn_1742 — 18/06/16
sound out
Jaam18 — 18/06/16
I think maybe differentiation could be a contender , it hasn't come up since 2009 so gives a look over it guys ;)
Robynmcalister — 18/06/16
Thanks for the heads up forgot about differentiation������
Jaam18 — 18/06/16
No problem , email me , on jaam18@hotmail.com I have a few more tricks up my sleeve ;)
AGB97 — 19/06/16
whats the differentiation experiment?
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