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    Predictions for HL chem?? christine61998

    Any predictions especially for section A??

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      ethanoic acid, iron tablets and hardness in water for question 1 ethyne, clove oil, chromatography and recrystillisation of benzoic acid for question 2 and hydrogen peroxide and manganese dioxide, flame tests and anion analysis for 3

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      vinegar, edta, ethyne/ethene clove oil, flame tests/anion, rate of reaction

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      q4 - short questions, involving calculations and definitions

      q5- most likely trends and bonding

      q6 - fuels and heats of reaction

      q7- chemical equilibrium

      q8- organic families and reactions

      q9- acids and bases/ph indicators and maybe water

      q10 and q11 will consist of

      oxidation and reduction, radioactivity, stochiometry, maybe electron configuration, electrolysis, gases and option 1 and 2

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      anyone thinking the new experiment for question 2 again??

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      Eoin Duignan

      Physics had the same experiment this year as last year so the sec could do it for chemistry. But I hate that experiment and hope it doesn't come up.

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