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    Re-occurring or regular questions? AoifeNí

    Are there any questions I should focus on that seem to pop up a lot or that its the same kinda question every year? also any predictions?

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      equilibirum comes up every year and a titration!

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      Water i think will be a big one this year

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      because of the water charges and stuff? i know the english and irish papers are kinda influenced by news topics but i didnt think other papers were?will have a look over it anyways

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      water will 100% come up. Not because of the water charges (although if it does there will probably be some spiel about the water charges so the paper will be praised for having current affairs on it) but because it didn't come up at all last year which is quite unusual!!

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      Q1 is always a titration experiment q2 is always an organic experiment q3 is always one other experiment . Q11 will contain three parts that you must do 2 of if you answer that question with one part always being the option and generally one other part involving graphs which are easy marks

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      Just to let yous know there's a new chief examiner and they may change the order of the questions a little tip my grind teacher gave me, he said it's only to scare us if they do so don't let it phase you :) :)

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      2009 Q7 would be a good example of what type of question they could ask of water

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