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Has anyone got any predictions? Q6 and Q10 are bankers! any ideas of the drawing, could someone give me a link or anything to U-Value question, my teacher never got around to show us it

shane.logan.18 — 08/06/16
Q3 is too !!!
shane.logan.18 — 08/06/16
Q3 is the same every year too !!1
#KB17 — 08/06/16
How to build a house will come up
Sean_7335 — 08/06/16
Does question 6 and 10 come up every year?
shane.logan.18 — 08/06/16
shane.logan.18 — 08/06/16
Sean_7335 — 08/06/16
What sort of questions are they based on?
shane.logan.18 — 08/06/16
Best to luck at the papers
Gavin1345 — 09/06/16
I think drawing question could be the stairs hasn't been up In a while
Sean_7335 — 11/06/16
So Q10 is always a passive house and Q6 is always sketch maps on environmental impact?
BabyTuesday — 12/06/16
going by how question 1 has been thinking we should get the eave details and part of the wall :)
Iain_9874 — 15/06/16
Question 5 is always a U-Value
ac97 — 16/06/16
my teacher in the sec said u value not on, passive house internal heating foundation 100% on, would recommend doing foundations , especially gravel based ones. Do concrete roofs with exteral roof windows. im banking on these good luck everyone should help all
Lukeh1 — 16/06/16
U-value not on? Are you high?����
laurahogan062 — 16/06/16
Surely there's a u value????!!!!
dazb — 16/06/16
Clearly will be a uvalue don't mind that gobshite!
Lukeh1 — 16/06/16
The whole country would erupt if they didn't put it on ��
Junaid — 16/06/16
whoever told you that u-values aren't coming up should retire..
laurahogan062 — 16/06/16
Oh my God I'd die without it
Sinead O'Brien — 16/06/16
Is anyone looking at suspended timber floor to come up as q1 ?
AHMEDKHAN55 — 17/06/16
nah it wont be suspended floor, it has already come up. perhaps a different floor type
Patrick_4410 — 17/06/16
What do ye think of the predictions by that fella on youtube
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