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    Which Questions? ian677

    So for leaving cert construction you have to do question 1 and four others as you all know. Question 1 and question 7 are both drawing questions so im going to learn all the drawings. Question 5 is always a U value question so il b doing that one as well. Usually there is a question on the plumbing system so again I intend to do that question. However that leaves me with still one question I think i'll study health and safety but just incase what other topic should I revise for the exam? 

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      Vaughan Quaid

      Why not try Windows r Stairs?

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      passive housing always comes up too

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      Q10 is always the same ders one part thats always about the MHRV system, which is really easy to learn if you just go through all the past exam questions and marking schemes. aswell passive house questions are always lined in with this question.

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      Q1 drawing, q5 u-value ,Q6 how to save energy by using attic spaces and using solar panels ,q7 drawing

      These questions always comes up!!!!!

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      Ya ye r right, u-value is a gud question and Q10 is sound as well. All u hav to know is the principles of Passive Housing and you'll b fine.

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      ce nach bhfuair na dats

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      poo poo

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      Question two is ment to be health and saftey, pumping and heating is on it as long with section through a door drawing and another drawing, cant remember what else, good luck

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