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Anyone done the day practical?

Anyone have the drawing for the construction stidies day practical?

aislingfarren1 — 05/05/16
, me
Rant — 05/05/16
anyone have the drawing of it
saoirsek88 — 05/05/16
Could somebody send me on the drawing if possible very stuck in construction not my strongest point ������
adam98 — 06/05/16
clodaghhanniffy — 07/05/16
What kind of joints are in it?
seanv — 09/05/16
any one have a picture?
fionnanros — 10/05/16
we are never ever getting back together
Venner101 — 11/05/16
>>>>>>>>> {; <<<<<<<<<<
saoirsek88 — 11/05/16
I have mine tomorrow but I heard there's a half dovetail joint a mortis and tendons and also a hinge joint
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