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DCG help

Is surface geometry easier than geologic ?

Patrick_4410 — 21/06/16
Surface geometry is the hardest one usually and is marked hard. I would recommended geologic and assembly
Cameron_8585 — 21/06/16
Sweet stuff sound
Graceroni — 21/06/16
Geologic is the easiest by far, surface is okay but you really need to know your method
Nodrog102 — 06/10/16
kym w — 12/10/16
here pal help me out will yeh
Ben_1245 — 12/11/16
I found surface geometry the easiest question on the course, down to preference and last years question on the topic was really difficult so should be an easy enough question this year!
khakan.malhi — 16/06/17
here is a nice guide for surface geometry i found yesterday bro goodluck aid mubarak https://gyazo.com/820b58f281f6f5bcb75ad774582403f6
Ben_1245 — 16/06/17
Thanks aid Mubarak that is very helpful , definitely worth having a look at if you do the question
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