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    MPP and MRP evadolan

    Does anyone know how to define the relationship between MPP and MRP?


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      eva youre a legend

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      Basically MPP marginal physical productivity in its most simplest form is the amount extra produced from from a extra factor employed ie I have 2 people employed to make shoes and they combined produce 10 shoes then I employ 1 more and they all combined make 20 so the MPP is 10 it is the amount of extra units produced

      Mrp is the same almost expect instead of goods its money so I have 2 people employed combined they earn 50 euro then I hire another guy and it goes up to 100 the mrp is 50 hope it helped its actually really simple

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      Is there any website people recommend for note / powerpoints

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      10cchristianson its the site that my teacher uses to put up all of his notes, he teaches business aswel but there is a section to do with economics and it has everything you need for economics on powerpoint slides

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      MPP is the extra unit of a physical good that is proas a result of employing an extra factor of production.

      MRP is the extra revenue earned as a result of employing an extra factor of production.

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