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Accurate predictions!!
by EmmaC1999 Leaving Cert Economics — 18/11/17 0

Right lads it's around this time that they make the papers. Lets try and think of what's going on in Ireland at the moment, that they could possiby put on the paper. I'll get it started and please add anything you can think of!! 1. I'm thinking something to do with the tracker mortgage scandal is almost guaranteed 2. BREXIT- I know its so last year but it's not going away anytime soon and could definitely pop up on the paper again. Maybe tied into Catalonia- What will come of the EU etc. 3. All this strike action- The trains at the moment 4. There was a LOT about the property market, housing crisis etc on last years paper so I don't know if it would come up again....but the problem remains so I wouldn't write it off 5. Sugar Tax! As announced in the budget, could definitely come up. The effect it has on soft drink companies etc. 6. 13bn apple tax- I know, I know last years news. But it's still in the headlines and it's still unsolved

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