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How to study economics
Dodobird Leaving Cert Economics — 22/09/16 5

Would studying economics from exam paper and marking schemes from 2015-2002 be enough for a student going for an A1 or would you recommend studying from thr rapid revision. Any tried the exam papers method before ?

Craig_6501 — 23/08/16
exam papers are definitely your best bet - revision books do shrink information down into chunks but its really not worth your time. Learn the stuff, answer with the book in the papers, learn it again, answer without the book and repeat. Id even say 2005-16 would be enough, as they've changed how they asked questions, especially this year where there is a far more understanding based approach i.e you cant just regurgitate the information , you've gotta have a good understanding of whats going on
Sarah2014 — 26/08/16
would it be possible to study economics with just revise wise or less stress more success? and exam papers
Lynn_8358 — 09/09/16
If you can get your hands on the leaving cert book, "Positive Economics", it truly is brilliant. It's basically the marking scheme with everything that you NEED, as opposed to most books that are overloaded with information . There are some chapters in the Macroeconomics section of this book that contain extra information but the book, in my opinion, is excellent and very easy to use and follow. Hope this is of some use to you
Sarah654 — 12/09/16
Yah the positive exonmoics book is great !! Doing the exam papers is the best !! If you do them for the gauranteed questions you'll nail them on the day
ailbhe15 — 22/09/16
drop economics. WORST SUBJECT EVER. i hate it and its impossible
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