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    Is it too late to start pasta

    In sixth year now, it sound quite stupid but is it too late to start economics now? I can retain information easily and I enjoy learning about how the world works with money and banking, I understand it's a short course however will it be too time consuming to learn now? I would be looking for a high enough grade in this, it it possible if I start now?

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      Karl nolan

      start the mocks so you dont fail them

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      I go to a fairly good school and we were all under the assumption that we could do very well with little effort. While it's true that it's a short course, everybody knows everything inside out so they often mark the test fairly ruthlessly. It's more or less all or nothing from my experience. If you're good at memorising definitions word for word however you could do very well.

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      If you learn the first 12 chapters off by heart you're guaranteed at least 88 points.

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