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Picking Up Economics In Leaving Cert, Is It A Good Idea?
lucyyk Leaving Cert Economics — 04/08/16 13

I've been thinking about picking up Economics going into LC but I'm not to sure about it. I would be picking it up as an extra subject but I don't to Irish. I'm really on the fence about it and I was just wandering if anyone would have any insight\suggestions for me. Would it realistically be a good idea or not??

Sarah2014 — 01/08/16
I was thinking of picking up economics too for lc but idk either. if youre a hard worker and are good at maths well than maybe it would be good for you :)
Teja Gopi — 02/08/16
i would recommend doing economics because, economics is an straight forward subject. economics is all about the study of human behavior at certain time . like for example when buying goods and services. there is very little calculations and graphs for every law . economics is an easy subject if u concentrate.i would recommend it. all the best.
Sarah2014 — 02/08/16
@tejagopi what would be the best way to study economics on my own. would I need grinds? what books would you recommend in using? thanks :)
lucyyk — 02/08/16
@tejagopi thanks would you have to be good at maths to pick it up?
lukebrn — 02/08/16
Hey guys, I'm offering maths, physics and chemistry grinds if any of you are interested! Let me know! €20/hour or €30/hour for groups of two (€15 each.)
Sarah2014 — 04/08/16
@lukebrn did you do economics?
lukebrn — 04/08/16
No I steered clear of business subjects, I found that science subject required less learning and more practicing questions which suited me.
Sarah2014 — 04/08/16
ok :) in your grinds class do you show the best study techniques for that subject?
lukebrn — 04/08/16
Yes I show firstly the way that I studied throughout the Leaving Cert, then I show general study techniques, then techniques specific to the subject I'm teaching! Are you interested?
Sarah2014 — 04/08/16
ok cool yes but I think im going into ty this year
lukebrn — 04/08/16
Okay well I offer introductory courses to subject if you want? If interested my email is lukester9498@gmail.com email me and I'll send you over a list of what I offer! I have the best rates too.
Sarah2014 — 04/08/16
i will thank you :)
lukebrn — 04/08/16
No problem, let me know when you send it:)
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