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    Pls help Enlightened1

    Considering picking up Eco for the LC. I know it's late but I need another A1 subject as both French and app. Maths are looking dodgy. I have covered the first 15 chapters in 5th year. is it possible ?

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      It's very possible, a lot of the course can be avoided due the choice on the paper. I would advise learning off marking schemes and not chapters in a textbook. To get an a1 you need to read irish economic happenings and have a good understanding of costs and market structures. So yes very possible if you apply yourself. Remember STUDY SMART

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      if you've done the first 15 chapters that's half the course anyways! If you're able to keep an eye on current affairs and have a general understanding of how the economy works I'd say its a good extra one to do. There looks like a lot of learning but a good few of the chapters cross over with themselves :)

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      and yeah learning from marking schemes is the best way to go

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