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Predictions ?for higher level
by Maria_5155 Leaving Cert Economics — 04/06/16 6

What topics will come up any ideas?

Ruthoconnor — 18/05/16
Oligopoly/ Perf. comp know dat shi
CaolanH — 20/05/16
Demand/Elasticity Q1 Multiplier trade government question
Tiernan_5845 — 21/05/16
fis cal policy / taxation oligopoly/perf comp labour inter trade
chelsjoycee — 22/05/16
Seen on previous discussion a paper similar to 2011 and 2007 not sure if it's true though
Jason_5547 — 03/06/16
price discrimination
TheAlanBolger — 04/06/16
Price discrimination unlikely to come up since it did last year. Only reference could be as to why firms in Perfect Competition cannot implement price discrim.
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