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by JCScenes Leaving Cert Economics — 23/11/16 2

Does this subject require a high level of maths? I seen that the log tables can be used for this exam and I don't really know why. I'm really interested in doing this subject. I learn best with subjects full of information such as Business, History. Is this like this? I do not like working with numbers mostly, although I do like accounting. Nevertheless, I don't enjoy practical subjects. I much more enjoy taking notes etc. I'm very Business minded also. Is this subject for me?

Laura_8304 — 22/11/16
I do economics with OL maths, it's similar to business but is more focused on trends. It's basically all about how one thing affects another e.g. Demand and supply, if you increase corporation tax multinationals will move etc
JCScenes — 23/11/16
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