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    2016 poetry predictions?? Megan_9348

    I'm thinking Eliot for definite, he hasn't been up since 2010

    Maybe Bishop as well? I'm hoping so

    Any other guesses??

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      it's always two male and one female so keep that in mind that the men are more dominant

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      Eliot and Yeats

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      Durcan has never come up and hes on this year and next years leaving cert so he could come up

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      A teacher in our school gave us a very good hint last week

      There has to be one woman on the leaving cert course so just learn all the women inside and out

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      there has to be at least one man and one woman. there will also be at least one Irish poet so that means the poet could be Yeats or Ní Chuilleanáin. Durcan could also come up this year as it's his first time on the syllabus and Yeats has a very good chance of coming up at the anniversary of the 1916 Rising is coming up.

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      I doubt Ní Chuilleanáin will come up two years in a row so Yeats will probably be the Irish poet

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      Four female poets on the course I wouldn't be surprised if two appeared on the paper.... Apart from that Yeats,Durcan,Elliot are strong contenders... Plath and Ni Chuilleabháin are the most unlikely to appear

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      Yeats could do a repeat of what happened in the paper with Seamus Heaney a few years ago, when S.H. was in everything else except poetry

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      I'm guessing bishop or dickinson, then Durcan Eliot or Yeats.

      I feel Yeats is too obvious so they will have to include an Irish poet therefore Durcan is best option.

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      Mehak nasim

      Yeats , Dickinson and Durcan

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      Ciara Murphy 99


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      Im praying for bishop..

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      The is normally

      - an Irish poet

      - a dead poet

      - a female poet

      - a miceallaneous poet

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      Sorry guys W.B Yeats is not coming up

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      Yeats won't come up. Ní Chuilleanáin is tipped to come up as she won't be on the course next year. Larkin as he hasn't come up in years and Durcan because it's his first year on the course. Thats my guess anyway. Fingers crossed!

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      Duran , Yeats , Eliot , Biship or Dickinson definitely

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      Bishop, Dickinson, Yeats, Plath even maybe

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      Sarah Costello

      Dickinson, Yeats(it will be a very hard question), Durcan and Eliot

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      Dickinson, Eilliot,Durcan & Bishop!

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      No Irish poets came up 10 years ago, so maybe best knowing some non irish

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      so basically no one knows and any could come up so learn 5 :P

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      Bishop, Yeats, Larkin & Durcan

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      We were told by our teacher that Ní Chuilleanáin won't come up as an examiner friend of hers corrected over 300 papers and not one person answered her for the 2015 paper.. They won't put it up if they think it won't be answered. Plus what are the chances of her coming up a second year in a row? Then again could be argued that they might see if anyone does answer on her. Either way, I personally don't think it'll be her. More likely Durcan, Eliot, Yeats and Biship

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      First time in years that there had been 4 women on the course so it's very likely for 2 women to come up....I think Dickinson and bishop

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      Chloe murphy686

      durcan bishop and yeats would be safe enough so would they

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      anyone got eliot notes?

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      I think it could be Plath, montague, Patrick Kavanagh and probably Yeats!

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      My teacher said they're so unpredictable that they'll come up because they're not on our syllabus! What do ye think?

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      They did that back in 1983!

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      if you're really stressed i would STRONGLY advise that you do an in depth study of all the female poets because this year there is bound to be at least two of them on the paper that way you have a choice and are prepared

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      Plath came up two years in a row so can't rule out ní chuilleanáin based on that, Eliot hasn't come up since 2010- the last time he was on the course, of the 8 poets only two are alive - Durcan and Ní Chuilleanáin, Yeats is a male Irish and dead and hasn't been up since 14 so regardless of the year that's in it he would look likely the centenary could add to his probability or it could be a repeat of Heaney, which people are expecting so would they do it again? Durcans never been on the course but is on it next year, Dickinson and Plath have equal chance of coming up since both are dead, non Irish and havent appeared since '14. Hard to call but if I had to pick it'd be Bishop, Durcan, Yeats and Elliot.

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      Any predictions for ordinary level english?>>

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      Let's take a minute to calm down and look at this analytically. Eileéan Ní Chuilleanáin came up in 2015 as the 'Irish/Female Poet' ruled out for this year in my opinion because that was a very big role she was given last year, with a very small percentile actually answering the question. Next Paul Durcan, a small fact that many seem to forget is no poet has ever come up in there first year on the syllabus, so again in opinion Durcan is ruled out. Elizabeth Bishop hasn't been up since 2013 which is the longest out of the four females on the course, so in my opinion Bishop is a good bet. T.S Elliot has not been up since 2010, that's six years and this is his last year on the course, again in my opinion Elliot is another great bet. Philip Larkin I am going to rule out by the simple fact that Elliot is due and Larkin has been up quite a bit in the past five years. PLath and Dickinson I give an equal chance of coming up though if I had to pick one it would be Dickinson, but either would be a good bet. And finally W.B Yeat's, the question on everyone's mind Paper one or Paper two, well to me it's simple Paper two and expect a question on the Public and Private life of Yeat's. I think if you really want to walk in with just two poets Bishop and Yeat's are very very good bets. Elliot is a great bet if you can actually work out what his poetry is about.

      So final prediction Yeat's,Elliot,Dickinson,Bishop.

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      is this higher level or ordinalry level?

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      "Next Paul Durcan, a small fact that many seem to forget is no poet has ever come up in there first year on the syllabus, so again in opinion Durcan is ruled out." - NiChuill's first year on the syllabus was last year and she came up.

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      Mehak nasim

      yea they put her up and practically nobody attempted her so they get the idea

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      I have studied all females and Yeats but I still don't get Yeats poetry! Will I be ok with knowing the 4 women??

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      Durcan came up on the mocks with Wife Who Smashed TV Gets Jail so he could possibly come up

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      I think it could be yeats because of the year in it,



      and ni chuilleanain

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      Yeats didn't come up in paper one so good chance he'd come up in paper 2. If you had Yeats Durcan and chuilleanain you'd be covered cause that's all the Irish poets

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      What are the chances off GVV comingg up??

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      What are the chances off GVV coming up??

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      Very high

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      Wb cc?

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      Mehak nasim

      same chances as gvvp

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      Dickinson- old, foreign, female, hasn't been up in two years

      TS Eliot- old(ish), foreign, hasn't been up in six years

      Bishop- female, foreign, hasn't been up in three years

      Durcan- irish, modern, never been up


      Yeats- old, irish, Easter 1916, hasn't been up in two years

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      I'm doing Yeats (of course), Bishop and Durcan lads. I think that covers me, especially with Yeats not coming up in paper 1 today.

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      Same here yeats bishop durcan

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      Wooo not alone

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      Durcan, Yeats, NíChuilleanáin okay??

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      Okay I need someone to tell me I'll be okay if I learn Durcan, Bishop and Dickinson. We've done almost nothing on Ní Chuilleanáin or Plath so it's really hard to study them and we haven't done Yeats at all..

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      Can someone tell me if they think I'm okay knowing only Dickinson and Bishop in depth but knowing a bit about Plath too??

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      Know 3 like the back of your hand, sure I won't tell you what 3 you should learn, what do I know sure haha. We all have our preferences sure.

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      Same here! Im going with Yeats, Durcan, Bishop and I also studied a tiny bit on Larkin's poetry. Best of luck to us all!

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      Dickinson is off the course next year and since she hasn't been up since 2014 I think there's a good chance she'll be up

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      Durcan, Bishop guys

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      Yeats might come up as an unseen so be careful

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      True, true, that'd be a slap in the face for us all

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      Don't stress about poetry too much, it's worth 50 marks, roughly about 12.5%, the studied text is worth 60 marks so about 15% and the comparative is worth 70 marks so about 17.5%, so focus on them more than poetry, I'm probably just going to study durcan and bishop, no point in stressing 😊

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      bishop pleaaseeeee dickinson and durcan are fine too, but bishop is baeeee

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      Yeats, Eliot, Dickinson and Plath

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      Yeats, Eliot, Dickinson and Plath

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      I know the president and he said that its the hardest paper in the history of the leaving cert ever and no poets come up and you have to write a novel and its really really hard

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      Durcan came up😆

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