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    Garage the film mcdonnell.katie

    Is anyone else studying "Garage" the film for comparative? If so do you have any links or books that would have details, key moments etc. I'm finding it extremely hard to write about in my comparative. Thanks

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      is that on this years leaving? I'm repeating and studied it last year so I know most of the key scenes

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      You just have to focus on the dark imagery it is constantly grey... the key scenes are the opening as it shows an isolated garage, the scene when Josie is trying to make friends in the pub, the scene with the horse and is a reflection of josie himself and then the ending as it leaves us questioning life.. we assume he commits suicide but it encourages us to think.

      you could use him trying to connect with the boy but it is an extremely hard scene to describe properly.

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      My teacher focused on some key scenes, including:

      - The bar scene with Breffni maliciously mocking Josie and his job

      - The scene with Carmel and the misunderstanding in the pub, leaving Josie embarrassed

      - The opening and closing scenes. The opening scene really sets the tone for the movie, with Gallagher paying basically no attention to what Josie has to say about the garage.

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      Thanks so much Sammi and Ciaran. Ye both really helped!

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