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    LC English Help! cooldude7878

    I'm in 5th year this year but I am finding English very difficult and I don't know how to actually get full marks in certain questions or answer certain questions. Any tips or helpful websites?

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      Id stop beating myself up over not getting full marks. If youre getting in the 60% bracket youre doing quite well. English is nit an exact science and that is why some students can get frustrated with it. Youre best bet is to read sample answers. You have a better chance of giving your teacher what they want if youve seen examples.

      In my experience, focus on making the opening statements to your answers very strong. An opening statement is tge first line in each paragraph. It has 2 jobs to do - it must answer the question but it also must make a point. The first line in each paragraph must do this. Focus on this and you are less likely to trail off topic as each paragraph is grounded in the question. Most students lose marks from paragraph 2 or 3 on because they are no longer answering the question. Hope this makes sense

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      Typos - sorry im typing from an ipad

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      Sorry if this is a bit late. Something that a lot of people don't work on is their language. For the comparative use linking phrases (you'll find them on google). For your essays (like short story) avoid 'very' and 'said'. Use a thesaurus you will find so many alternatives. Don't repeat the words you use. Show off your vocabulary, your language. Use as many impressive words that will stand out and get you noticed. This is very important. Examiners are correcting hundreds of the same exam over and over again. To get more marks STAND OUT!!! Also read the question and ensure that you answer everything that is being asked.

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