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    LC English Paper one, Here's what you thought of it... studyclix

    So Heaney appeared in the comprehension. We weren't expecting that. Check out the feedback below from what we have heard from other students experiences of paper one.


    Text 3 was surprising.

    Didn’t like the essays given.

    Heaney came up so I'm a bit worried that he might not come up in paper 2

    Disappointed Heaney came up as a comprehension :(

    I expected it to be extremely hard but it wasn't that bad. Was thinking a long time which essay to write

    Very fair. Disappointed Heaney made an appearance. Hopefully he comes up in the poetry.

    I think that Heaney wont come up as a poet now for paper two

    I am disappointed Seamus Heaney came up in paper one, I was hoping he would be in the paper 2 for poetry.

    It was a good paper, I was happy enough with it.


    I actually ran out of time by spending far too long on Question A and so my Question B was not as good and my composition was too short.

    The question B's were not very nice, to choose from.

    Delighted the letter came up as a question b

    I kind of messed up in the essay, I found the rest of the paper easy, and essays were not great compared to pretty much every other year

    Disappointed to see Heaney as I was hoping to see him come up on paper 2

    Seamus Heaney came up, which was unexpected because of the fact that he is one of the favourites for the poetry question on Paper 2.

    I did Text 1 Q A and Text 2 Q B, both were manageable and Q.B was easy to write about

    Not very good choice of essay titles

    Harder than I thought it would be...

    The essay titles weren't the best


    The essay on Irish people being obsessed with the weather.

    Q2 - debate

    No. 7 about science fiction and discovering a mutant it didn't turn out great

    Short story containing a ghostly presence

    The personal essay on unusual and interesting people. I just wrote about people I knew and people I didn't know that I've met who I thought were interesting

    Number 3 - about interesting and unusual people you have encountered

    I choose essay title number 1

    Personal essay on uncertainties wrote about my granddad that was sick.

    Irish people's obsession with weather

    I chose essay 2. It was a speech on youth exerting their influences on important current issues. I talked about how youth do get involved in major issues like in local and nationally politics, same-sex marriage rights, medicine and just gave numerous other examples. I then outreached to the young audience and asked them to get involved in their communities. All in all it went well.

    Moment of uncertainty

    I wrote about all the things I find beautiful in every day life.

    About interesting or unusual people

    The speech on young people exerting their influence on important current issues. It was nice enough but as I said, I ran out of time

    A speech about second-level education in Ireland

    "The importance of 'simple pleasures' in my life.

    I wrote about how much the little things mean in life, and what little things I do that give me pleasure."

    A personal essay about the importance of my home place, wrote a great essay on it, didn’t really write about the importance of it, as I didn’t see that word until I finished.

    Q6 personal essay

    The ghost, a story about a family with a twist!

    Question 1. The one in relation to the ghost, I had a love story pre prepared and although the ghost aspect of it was somewhat of a curveball, I managed to make it fit to my topic.

    Irish people obsessed with the weather, i was definitely drawn to this one as it allowed me to express my views and add some humour, enjoyed writing it

    Write a light hearted or serious account of a painful or embarrassing experience you will never forget. I took the embarrassing outlook and a lighthearted approach.

    The one involving ghosts, I wrote about a ghost protagonist who attempts to protect his still mortal wife from death but ultimately fails.


    Personal essay on moments of uncertainty and wrote about a recent death in the family

    Personal essay on uncertainty


    Speech about how young people should exert their influence by keeping up with important issues

    I choose essay, the speech on young people and current affairs. I talked about drugs, alcohol, homelessness, mental health, student councils and other issues that effect young people today. I based my essay on the old phrase "children should be seen and not heard"

    Moments of uncertainty

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