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    Useless Teachers? noddy95

    I have a teacher that is the most useless yoke going. I'm in Higher English and she can't teach the damn thing. She is also my Irish teacher but she is alright teaching that subject. But the students could teach better :P

    Anyone else with this problem?

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      I have a really bad home economics teacher she is so bad and thinks by giving us tests every week or even twice a week makes us learn

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      One of my teachers is not even near halfway through the course. I'm in sixth year.

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      my music teacher, is a disaster we're only half way through the second year part of the course and i'm in third year :/ there's a musical in the school this year and its all on her shoulders so we have only had about 4 classes so far :P #F #in #Music

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      i think my french teacher takes the biscuit :P she spends at least half an hour just giving out and the other 10 on the ordinary level half of the class then forces us to come to her at break :/ i caught her bitching about us so many times and she grades the tests ridiculously hard on purpose so our class will get in trouble that were not doing work in 6th year..... #2yr-old for a teacher!

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      Our english teacher is also a disaster. She looks like a morbeg (no joke) and she can't even read properly. We had 5 different english teachers over the course of fifth year and she had us from february to june. I'm in sixth year now and we've done feck all since the start of the year. She takes about a month to correct and essay and give it back. So annoying, and now she wants us to start coming in on saturdays to do extra work #pleb

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      My school doesn't even have a good irish teacher im in third year and my highest grade was a B in Christmas of second year, iv been getting d's along with the rest of the class this year! I need grindes bus cant afford them!

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      My school doesn't even have a good irish teacher im in third year and my highest grade was a B in Christmas of second year, iv been getting d's along with the rest of the class this year! I need grindes bus cant afford them!

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      have a teacher for a main subject and i just cannot learn the way that she teaches

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      well lads here is to failing a leaving cert subject. We got our amazing teachers to thank for it.

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      My Home Ec teacher is dreadful! I regret taking home Ec because of her. I'm in 6th year and we spend a double class talking about spoon! SPOONS! I'm pretty sure that spoons are not on the course!

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      My English teacher had a child last year so we got a brutal sub in instead. With 6 months left we still have to watch the film and tie in all the comparative , quite a substantial amount of paper one and two poets . This is all because she spent 4 months on Macbeth which she knew nothing on . Half the class should be at least B2 but thanks to her they are D2 . Luckily I want to study English next year and have a great understanding on most things on the course .

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      Got A's in history and English for the junior in 5th year and have terrible teachers for both subjects! Need around 500 points and I'm so stressed,far behind in the course,no notes on the topics!what to do...

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      My english teacher is shocking. She spends a lot of the class telling us about her personal life and things we don't really want to know. Not to mention if you give up an essay that is of the opinion not shared by here she marks its really bad.For example if you write about how marriage isn't that important, she completely disagrees and you'll get a C if your lucky. Not to mention it took her four fucking months to get through John Montague. It's infuriating!!! What happened to having a teacher that can TEACH?

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      i have got this idiot french teacher who seems to follow the same pattern each day (40 minute class)

      1. she walks in 5 minutes late

      2.takes 5 minutes in taking roll

      3.corrects homework 1 lad each day doesn't have his work done and she says she wont waste time on people who dont work yet she still spends 10-15 minutes each day talking to him

      4.homework corrected with 10-15 minutes left. she gives us homework and tells us to start it

      5. 5 minutes left she says pack up


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      OMG I feel your pain.

      Especially with French and Irish

      Nowhere near halfway finished the course for French and starting 6th year in 2 weeks.

      Irish teacher is just spending her class time with us either roaring at us saying we do no work or entertaining the troublemakers instead of teaching the class. I know a laugh allowed in class sometimes but its constantly happening and she does nothing about it and makes us sit in during lunch

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      Absolutely ridiculous!! my irish and French teacher do the same rubbish

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