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Any predictions for poetry?
Whelankaren Leaving Cert English — 21/05/16 5

Anyone have any idea what poets will come up? I've studied bishop , Durcan , Plath , Dickinson ,Yeats and Ni Chuilleanain

ac97 — 20/05/16
eddie durcan
Sandler — 20/05/16
A poem written by one of the poets you studied should come up. Hope this helps.
Sarah_7402 — 20/05/16
I'm thinking Yeats and Durcan for sure, hopefully Dickinson, and Bishop.
Kian — 21/05/16
I am doing Durcan Bishop and Plath
Alex_8363 — 21/05/16
Durcan, Yeats, Eliot, Bishop, Dickinson in order of likeliness.
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