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    Anyone got ideas/ notes on how to open speeches or speeches itself? tariq

    I really need sme help on speech writing . i think i know the basic techniques for speech writing but just need some more clarity on opening a speech. i feel that introducing yourself f opening a speech is a bit bring ..... do i gave other options?

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      Open with starling statistic,quote, analogy, rhetorical question etc instead.

      For stat, if a talk on mental health, for example

      123456. 345 2.5%

      Ladies and gentlemen, 123456 is the number of people in this country currently suffering from the scourge of mental illness, 345 of whom will likely take their own lives this year, based on last years statistic of 2.5% released by the Something Organisation in their annual report.

      You could use humour to turn the normal boring "my name is blah blah" into something unique

      eg on a speech about self identity " I am blah blah, and you are not. Why? because we are all unique people" etc

      Or a quote

      eg for identity again, "Oscar Wilde once said "Be yourself because everyone else is already taken" and I cannot help but agree with him. My name is blah blah etc"

      If speaking to your year group, you may not need to introduce yourself, but if speaking to a gathering/meeting/committee, it's probably safer to go for the tried and tested. " my name is blah blah and today I am here to discuss stuff"

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      Thank you so much!

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      start of with wassup homies guaranteed A1

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