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anyone have p.d notes
Petra_4483 Leaving Cert English — 08/06/16 7

has anyone got any DECENT notes on Nessa, the wife who smashed television gets jail , the difficulity that is marriage , the arnolfini marriage, parents, en famille and madman?

Will_lyons — 08/06/16
yea but can't really be sharing with everyone, need the A1
#KB17 — 08/06/16
Yeah I do, but laughed if youre getting them! #bellcurve
erter — 08/06/16
http://www.aoifesnotes.com/leaving-cert/ordinary-level/Paper-Two/docs/prescribed-poetry/Durcan%20-%20Overview%20-%20Slideshow.pdf Just to get an understanding of him
Will_lyons — 08/06/16
Yeah so fair #KB17
Deane15 — 08/06/16
Have a sample essay that talks about a few of them if you want it
Petra_4483 — 08/06/16
thank you to those who replied normally, and I really hope that those who were rude and childish enough, that your A1's actually appear on your Leaving Certificate ;)) Good luck , and thank you Deane15 , I have found some amazing notes on boards, if you need them give me a shout !:)
Deane15 — 08/06/16
I'd greatly appreciate if you could send those on!
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