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    big maggie ordinary level nicole18127

    i am stuck on big maggie any note or tip that can help me write bout it

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      What's the question?

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      Would you like to have lived in the ireland of big maggie explain with referance to the text 30 marks

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      Okay so 30 marks your looking at 2 pages and a half! 30marks means 3 points on, no I would not like to have lived......or yes I would have liked to lived.....

      Obviously your going to have your Opening Para, 1st para (on your first point), second para (second point) third para (third point) and Closing para.

      Are you going to say yes or no to the question?

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      Okay so I would not like to have lived in Ireland of Big Maggie because 1) Religious 2) Freedom And Power (females didn't have a lot of that back then such as no vote woman stayed at home cooked cleaned etc) 3) Money do you have any ideas on sub headings like these? Or you could use these if you want?

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      Do you's have any notes on big Maggie that would help me ? I moved to ordinary level and I have to take up big Maggie now and I'm completely lost and have an exam on it tomorrow

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      Does anyone have notes on the opening scene of big maggie?

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