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Can you predict Lear??
Courtney_6561 Leaving Cert English — 09/06/16 4

Is there any way to predict the Lear questions or what topics in Lear to focus on?? Any predictions with the comparative would help too!!!

JennoMC — 08/06/16
Im absolutely fked srry mate Just do characters questions
TheFitzyG — 08/06/16
the fool in the last scene is gaurenteed to come up.
Courtney_6561 — 08/06/16
Thank you x
curvy_deska211 — 09/06/16
Nothing is really guaranteed, so I'd say to learn just universal quotes, and have a basic idea of the plots and the dramatic techniques used. And I also read that the female characters are due to come up, but honestly, nobody really knows.
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