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    comparative structure ladevine98

    I'm struggling writing the structure of the comparative with general vision and viewpoint could someone help?

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      There's no like set structure for the comparative but here's the structure I used and it worked well according to my teacher;

      Opening paragraph - introducing texts by name and author, referencing the key words in the question, stating your viewpoint (positive negative or both) and possibly a sentence about how you view point was shaped. (not more than 3/4 of a page)

      Paragraph one- take your first text and use your key moment to say how your viewpoint was shaped, add in a sentence or two of comparison for each of your other texts

      Paragraph two and three- the same paragraph one but with the other two texts

      Depending on how long this amounts to you may want to do another paragraph for each of your texts and then a closing paragraph. The examiner's are looking for personal engagement and for you to reference the key words in the question. Structure isn't too important but don't write about each text in isolation, compare them.

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      thank you!

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