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Could someone PLEASE send me a picture of the Gatsby Q thats was on the DEB pre paper ??
aimer Leaving Cert English — 09/06/16 3

Please could someone send me a picture/ type out what the questions on the Great Gatsby were on the DEB ?? I can send you the EXAMCRAFT one if you like!! It's urgent

aimer — 08/06/16
Please email me aimcro12@gmail.com
Wanderlust — 08/06/16
Don't have the exam paper anymore but from what I remember it was "the men in the great gatsby are flawed" or something along those lines! Was a really nice question I thought. What was the exam craft Q? :)
aimer — 09/06/16
Ok thanks:) EXAMCRAFT was symbols and images . It was such a nice question! I'm praying for symbols &images for today! !!
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