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    Durcan - Language Amy_6717

    If a question came up about Durcan's use of Language would you just discuss his Simple everyday language? What else would you comment on?

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      Discuss the humour and autobiographical language he uses. His trademark wit and humour and how all his poems are intensely personal ( use of I, me etc). His language is also very truthful! Really hope he comes up :) Best of luck!

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      Perfect, Thank a million. :)

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      Do you think Durcan is likely to come up?

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      A lot are predicting, seeing as its his 1st year on the course!

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      i'd also comment on how his titles are like newspaper articles like 'Wife who smashed television get's jail' that kinda stuff too

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      His use of zany humour in poems such as WWSMTGJ, unornamental style, authoritative voice, easy accessible language, metaphors (Nessa has a few) as does Fathers day June 21 1992. Also talk about how the husband in WWSMTGJ switches between colloquial tone to more advanced term of phrases which proves in fact he's just an ordinary everyday man trying to impress the judge in question (thereupon, Oh lord). He uses emotionally charged language in this poem too, 'smashed,declared, snarled' usually in description of the wife. Sport has very zany imagery when talking about the men on the other time with their 'bushy eyebrows and 'oily, frizzy hair' :)

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