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    English paper 2 adammooney99

    Hey I was just wondering about the Dickinson question on 2016 paper 2. I answered basing my answer around themes and how they confused and intrigued me. The question asked how her style can be confusing and intriguing. Did I miss the point of the question?

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      I'd say you hit the mark quite well, what apsects of each poem did you focus on?

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      Basically how she took different stances on religion (acknowledging in God in hope is a thing with feathers vs how she mocked the absence of God in I heard a fly...) I included also her abrupt endings of poems vs mean vigil endings. Then in general discussed her life expierence in relation to themes :) hopefully I did anyway thanks for the reply!

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      Hey there, I think for everyone's sanity, try to avoid doing biopsies on your exams as you will begin to overthink everything that you wrote. English is a tough exam to mark as it is all about your opinion. Regarding your question, however, if you have discussed Emily Dickinson's themes and her original style of writing and how it had an impact on you, as a reader, you should be fine! :)

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