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    english poetry choices michellemcc98

    I have to choose between Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickenson and Eileen Ni Chuilleanan for my final poet. which is the nicest/easiest to study and which is the most likely to come up? :)

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      oh and does anyone have good notes to either of the three?

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      Sylvia Plath or Eilean Ní Chiilleananan I would say personally they are that bit easier to understand for me anyway.

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      emily dickinson came up on my pre, eileen came up for the first time last year and is on for the present 5th years aswell so i wouldnt even bother looking at her if i were you, emily dickinson is the easiest in my opinion but shes likely to come up. we didnt do sylia plath in school cause we were told shes very unlikely to come up

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      no problem

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