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eadaoin Leaving Cert English — 10/05/16 7

Anyone any predications for whose gonna come up? HL only, Kinda shitting it cuz my teacher only covered Durcan and Yeats and 4 weeks to go... ffs

Katea — 07/05/16
We have Yeats, Eliot, Plath, Bishop, and Dickinson. We were suppose to do Larkin, but our teacher switched to Bisop, despite all the other English teachers doing Larkin.
hazelclix — 09/05/16
Yeah my teacher thinks Durcan will come up because he's never come up before and Yeats - especially Yeats because he's not on next years course and with the whole 1916 thing this year.
Elaine9898 — 09/05/16
Yeats, Dickinson, Durcan and Elliott
caoimhebarr — 10/05/16
Either Yeats or Durcan has to come up anyway so you should be fine!
Alex000 — 10/05/16
Why do either Yeats or Durcan have to come up?
Katie_9146 — 10/05/16
Yeats is looking like a dead set because of the 1916 rising and his poetry heavily revolves around it, he could have come up last year because of his 150th birthday anniversary thing but didn't and apparently it is his last year on the course. Durcan is a possibility because last year was his first year on the course and he was a no show like Yeats.
fionnanros — 10/05/16
its cause u probably think ur cooler then me u never say hey' or remember my name
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