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Examcraft p2
McClean Leaving Cert English — 06/06/16 5

Anyone know what lear and durcan questions came up specifically?

McClean — 11/05/16
sheila_c123 — 03/06/16
The Lear questions were the theme of blindness "I stumbled when I saw"... and the dramatic functions of Cordelia and the Fool in the play. "Durcan explores a variety of personal and universal themes in his own distinctive style" discuss... You don't by any chance have the questions from the DEB mock please?
2803 — 06/06/16
DEB mock 2016: Cultural context-Deep seated attitudes and expectations illustrate the possibility or impossibilty of social change in texts// theway in which a characters respond to crisis or difficulties provides reader with insights into social structure. gvvp: the manner inwhich texts conclude and the conclusions and the impact such conclusions have on reader often help to construct the general vision and viewpoint of those texts.
2803 — 06/06/16
DEB mock poets Yeats, eliot, dickinson, durcan
2803 — 06/06/16
King lear: female charcters-powerful figures who are equally forceful as and at times even more ruthless than their male counterparts// themes presented by dramatic symbolism and images. :)
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