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    General vision and viewpoint "The King's Speech" louloucam

    I'm not 100% sure what I'm supposed to write for my essay on the GVV of The King's Speech, any ideas that could help?

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      General vision and viewpoint; how is the text portrayed->positive or negative/optimistic or pessimistic.

      explain weather the following are portrayed in a positive way or negative way in the text;

      -The opening of the text




      -Conclusion/Closing of the text

      -(there are probably more but thats all i could remember from the English class)

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      talk about feminism

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      When I think of GVVP, i usually think of what are the main things, in this case, 'the king's speech' deals with. Remember that when discussing general vision and viewpoint, you are dicussing, in this case, Tom Hooper's (the director of TKS) general vision and viewpoint on certain issues. So for example TKS deals with Marriage, politics, poverty etc. What is the director's view on these three things? is it overall a negative vision and viewpoint or positive vision and viewpoint? Or both? Then just delve into discussing how Hooper brings across this overall negative or positive vision and viewpoint. First have your introduction, then talk about, for example, Marital Vision and Viewpoint, Political Vision and Viewpoint, Hooper's Vision and Viewpoint of Poverty. Once you have shown what Hooper is trying to tell us about these three things, conclude it with a smashing conclusion. Dont forget CONNECTIVES otherwise its not a comparative i.e. (similarly, in contrast etc.)

      Hope this helped, all the best :)

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      Thank you!

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