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    Help! Plath - Poppies in July JohnoD

    In Line 13 of Poppies in July, Plath refers to "in this glass capsule". Could anyone help me with a meaning behind this please or even a link to some notes? Some ideas I've had are the "glass capsule" could be that she is on display in a glass capsule and everyone is judging her or the "glass capsule refers to the capsule that the drugs come in. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks

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      My teacher said its similar to a coffin like the one in snow white, which suggests she has masochistic or suicidal tendencies

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      For me, it shows how vulnerable she was. She was trapped in a capsule that like glass could break leaving disastrous consequences? Some say it means represents her isolation from the world aswell.

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      Aoife O Neill

      I thought that the whole poem kind of revolved around drugs as methadone comes from poppies. So the understanding i got from glass capsule was that it referred to a drug.

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      Thank you!

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