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    Help with poetry essays Shaunakk01

    is it always necessary to discuss 6 poems? if you referred to the 6 but only discussed 4 or 5 in detail can you still get full marks?

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      Is this referring to leaving cert or junior cert poetry?😃

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      Leaving cert

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      Than I think 5 is enough to discuss about

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      We only study 4 poems by each poet in our school, our teacher says 4 is plenty! Depends on how much closer depth you go into for each poem I guess! Your poetry answers usually only 3-4 pages depending on your writing :)

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      that's true, just depends on how much detail you give, there is no set number of poems you have to discuss. How many poets is everyone learning , would 3 and have a vague idea of a fourth cover you does anyone know?

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      You should refer to four poems in detail in an answer, most schools study six poems to make sure that all the themes of the poet are covered.

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      Yeah exactly! I think most people are learning 3-4 in great detail, the predictions are Ni Chuilleanain Frost or Montague, but I'd say to know the other poets relatively well too

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      Ahhh don't say that I'm only learning those three and hoping for the best!!

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