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    higher level english alannao

    how do i structure an essay for a theme and issue and general vision and view point.

    How do prepare for paper 1.

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      For general vision and viewpoint, what I did was start with the opening scene of each text and compare them, then relationships and then the endings. I studied dancing at lughnasa, inside I'm dancing and how many miles to Babylon, so I started with the opening scene of each and said how it shows the G.V of each text, did the same for the relationships and the ending scene.

      For paper one, just do as many past papers as you can, look up the marking schemes and learn off what the marks went for, eg: using quotes from the text/expansion of ideas/etc.

      I haven't really studied for the theme or issue, but I concentrated on the theme of isolation. All you have to do is learn quotes from your texts that have to do with isolation and work them into an essay, for example, the quote"I love no living person" from HMMTB is a good quote to learn off as it can be the basis for a paragraph as it clearly shows that the person saying this is isolated, support it with evidence and refer back to the title and you'll be grand. Hope this helps!

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      there is a book called WORDCRAFT which is all about paper1 :)

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      The best thing to do for structuring V+V essays is to study the opening (exposition), the closing (resolution), outlook and fate of the main character, mood, tone and atmosphere of the text of ALL YOUR TEXTS. How do they make you feel? Discuss these different aspects. You don't need loads of quotes: about two from each text is fine.

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      for theme or issue I've picked a few headings to analise the theme under. Like my theme is the creation human life, so in my three texts I comment on how things such as religion, setting, women, men , and desire to escape all effect the theme.

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