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    higher level english poetry helppp!!?? PLEASEEE sophiaon

    i know people say its pointless predicting what will come up on the LC exams but any assumptions at all would be a hugeee help!!! does anyone have an idea on what they think might be coming up? pleasseeee, im thinking John Donne and Robert Frost or maybe john montague?? help someone please :(

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      A girl comes up every year, there's 3 on the course, Sylvia P, Emily D and Eileen Ni C, one of them has to appear! Chances are it won't be Plath as she came up last 2 years in a row, put your attention and emphasis on Emily and Eileen but be able to answer Plath if she comes up on the day! They might just throw her on to shock people

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      thank you :D i think ill concentrate on Eileen!

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      Amy Rose Holden

      Eileen is a favourite to come up at she is a girl, irish, and never been on she leaving cert course, she's also still alive. Robert frost and john Montague also haven't come up in a while nor has John Donne. The mocks this year in my school had those 4 on it and I think if you know them well u will be fine.

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      thanks so much!!!

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      Hardy is the dark horse

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