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    higher or ordinary??? sryan97

    im thinking of dropping down to OL in english at the moment as im struggling with higher level and always run out of time in exams to finish the questions I got 40% in my mocks and not sure should I just do higher or drop down?? My teacher told me its my decision..

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      Higher. A pass in higher is much better than an A in ordinary. Once you put more work in and work on time management, you could even get a C.

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      OL English will effect on your future career. If you do OL English for Junior Cert, then you will have to do OL English for Leaving Cert. And that will effect your career.

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      Do Higher. I had the same result in my mocks but working hard makes it easier to write and finish exams on time.

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      Thank you :) I think I'll stick with higher level and devote more of my time to English :)

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      No problem! Don't forget that English can be difficult but easy to improve on. Keep it up!

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