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    HL Comparative Mocks??? Ciara McMenamin

    what was the comparative question?

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      deb or craft

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      Ciara McMenamin

      All I know is that they're mocks 😁

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      Ciara McMenamin

      It's a DEB I think :/

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      Ciara have you done Ag science

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      Ciara McMenamin

      Not yet, Thursday.

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      Debs: cultural context

      1. Deep- seated attitudes and expectations illustrate the possibility or impossibility of social change in texts, compare the above with 3 texts

      2. The way in which characters respond to crises or difficulties provide a reader with insights into the social structure of texts

      (A) discuss with one text

      (B) compare with 2 texts

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      General vision and viewpoint:

      1. The manner in which texts conclude and the impact such conclusions have on a reader often helps to construct the general vision and viewpoint

      2. The way in which a reader responds to relationships that are constructive or destructive in a text can influence his or her understanding of the general vision and viewpoint

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      Of the text

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      How do I know if I have debs or exam daft??

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      Exam craft the bar code is on the right

      Debs the barcode is on the left

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      help ive English tomorrow and ive no study done what king lear question is on it?

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      Debs: how female characters are just as powerful and forceful as their male counterparts

      2. Themes are skilfully presented through a series of dramatic symbols and images

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      Exam craft: somebody said it was on the theme of blindness ?

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      thanks very much

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      Does anybody have chemistry, I have it tomorrow

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      No problem @seanf

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      I'm not sure which my paper was but CC was how the world of a text shapes the characters and how women show the structure of pOwer in one text and then in the other two

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      @Seanf it's blindness and cordelia and the fool

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      I just sat Paper 2 (DEB) yesterday, it was horrible!!! @Christyna do you have the composition questions and part (b) questions from Paper 1, if so, could you send them??? It would be great help!

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      What's your email address ?

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      A lot of the B questions were personal response

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      Sorry meant to say A questions*

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      email is

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